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Telesales is selling over the phone rather than face-to-face. Whether you choose to outsource your telemarketing efforts or keep them in-house will depend on many factors. You'll be able to make an informed decision once you do some research first to determine the costs and benefits of each method. By using our quick form below, you will receive up to 5 quotes from various service providers in the industry. Get started today!

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There are many advantages to a telesales approach. To begin, contacting customers via telephone means that salespeople can contact more prospects than in person. Anyone who has worked in sales knows how time consuming it can be to set up in-person appointments and travel to and from the meeting points. All of this travel time eats into an executive's sales time. However, selling over the phone allows the salesperson to move through more prospects faster, increasing the probability and frequency of a sale. This in turn leads to a lower cost per acquisition, which translates into a lower cost per sale. An additional key advantage to telesales is that you have worldwide access to clients. You can call clients in any country no matter where you are based. This also means you can explore new markets with a relatively low investment.

If some of your staff is focusing on lead generation and appointment setting, then you would be wise to stimulate a team atmosphere in your company in order to encourage your inside pre-sales staff to work in the best interest of the inside telesales representatives or outside field representatives. The pre-sales employees are establishing a critical pipeline for their team members, thus it's crucial for them to support one another towards achieving overall goals. In some companies, they use automatic lead selection tools that sends certain types of leads to specific sales agents based on their skill set, language, industry expertise, years of experience, expected sales results and so forth. Other companies pair up their pre-sales and sales reps so they are a consistent, unified team.

Of course, without a lack of face-to-face selling, it's more challenging for telesales agents to read their prospective clients. There are no facial expressions or body language signals to provide clues as to the other party's interest or concerns. They must concentrate on their sales skills, industry knowledge and perhaps new technology like web conferencing to conduct remote presentations, demonstrations and negotiations. Using new software tools, sales agents can share desktops with prospects in order to engage them and walk them through various stages in the sales cycle such as needs analysis or account set-up. This interactive format is also useful for training new reps or allowing managers to listen in and occasionally participate when needed (to handle difficult objections or negotiate prices, legal terms and conditions).

Telemarketers and telesales experts are recommended to attend various industry events in order to network and increase their knowledge base. The Contact Center Management Conference and Expo held in The United States of America in June is noted for its workshops, seminars and site tours which are available for attendees to visit other call centers and apply best practises to their own. Call centre managers, contact center managers, call center team leaders and customer service department heads will also find this event to be highly valuable.

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