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Telemarketing usually refers to pre-sales work such as data research, appointment setting and lead generation. Telemarketers are the first stage in the sales process, so be sure to find the best company to collaborate with in order to start off on the right foot and maximize your future sales potential. You can receive up to 5 free quotes from various telemarketing firms by simply filling in our quick form below.

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When putting together call lists, try to make them as targeted as possible. Carefully selecting the right criteria will offer a better chance of success, cut back on costs and save telemarketer's time. You should also try to purchase lists that are current. After all, there is little sense in calling phone numbers that are too old because they might be invalid by now. And even if the list is fresh, try to think logically about the time in the sales cycle that a call would be the most effective. For example, if someone applies for a mortgage, a moving company should contact them to offer their services before they purchase a new home, not after (when it could be too late).

On that first initial call, telemarketers must state very quickly and clearly why they are calling. Usually, they will only have a few seconds to grab someone's interest and attention.

Testing is a crucial element of telemarketing. When outsourcing this task, create a plan which includes testing parameters, campaign objectives, anticipated results and timeline checkpoints. Then, if your campaign is successful, you can instruct your outbound call center to roll it out to other markets or additional prospects. You will often have one price agreement for the testing stage and a revised fee for the full campaign. You may choose to assign projects to several different telemarketing companies as a test so that you can compare the performance of each one. When doing so, be sure that all testing parameters (i.e., call scripts, CRM system, Do Not Call procedures) are identical so that they can be judged equally.

Throughout any telemarketing campaign, random quality checks and call screening should be administered. It's advisable to record all of the calls and store them in an easily accessible location and organised fashion. Call recordings are useful for regulating quality control, protection against fraud and training purposes. These serve as excellent training and motivational tools since they are clear examples of a variety of call outcomes.

Telemarketing can be performed in-house, in an outbound call center or contact centre. Regardless of the location, all parties must act in accordance with the Do Not Solicit (DNS) or Do Not Call (DNC) laws set out by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC). If consumers or businesses have listed their phone number on the registry, they may not be cold called. Call lists can be scrubbed regularly to ensure compliance.

To stay abreast of the latest telemarketing industry regulations, best practices, trends and events, subscribe to a few magazines like CRM Magazine or several well recognised worldwide organisations and associations in your own country.

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