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A telemarketer works either internally within the company whose products or services he is selling or in a call center, contact centre or virtual call center. Since this person is the voice of your company, finding the right telemarketer is no simple task. To begin your search, fill out the form below to receive several free quotes from various providers in our network.

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Telemarketer services can be obtained by outsourcing or hiring within. No matter where they are working, telemarketers face a challenging role due to the repetitive nature of the work involved. Although the projects can continually change, those who exclusively perform telesales activities are prone to burnout, stress, boredom, lack of motivation and overly restrictive monitoring (which some advocate breaches privacy laws). As a result, call centres and contact centers worldwide must work hard to combat absenteeism, high turnover rates and low morale. There are various unions around the world who aim to protect worker's rights in the telemarketing industry. For example, in Europe you'll find the Uni Global Union of Switzerland, in The United States of America there is the Communications Workers of America and in Australia, the Call Centre Workers Union represents unionised workers.

There are many career websites that are dedicated to this industry which not only provide job postings but also forums, blogs, discussion groups, tips, podcasts, white papers and so much more. If you are looking for a job as a telemarketer, you should also subscribe to various online newsletters so you've got industry news, trends and tips waiting in your inbin on a weekly basis. These kinds of resources can also offer valuable advice when job hunting. Naturally, as a telemarketer your voice is one of your best assets, but that doesn't mean that you can turn up to an interview sporting torn jeans and shaggy hair. If you want to win the job, you'll need to make the right impression both visually and orally. You'll probably have to do some role play during an interview as well, so that your potential employer can get a real taste of the kind of sales techniques and style you use.

If you begin in this field, a typical career progression might be as follows: telemarketer, team leader, call center supervisor, call center manager, and eventually, managing director. At higher responsibility levels, one might get involved in hiring, training, coaching, maintaining morale, forecasting, scheduling and performance evaluations. Top level executives should have solid knowledge of the technology used in contact centres, cost management, and leadership capabilities. Obtaining a Certified Call Center Manager (CCCM) certification will surely increase your knowledge, reputation and hiring potential.

When seeking a job as a telemarketer, be sure to enquire about initial and ongoing training. Does the call centre want to employ you on a short-term project basis to fill an immediate need, or are they looking to bring you on board for the long term? Many telemarketing services companies can struggle with understaffing during busy times or overstaffing when they don't have enough business from current clients and haven't got any requests from new clients. They must carefully balance each employee's workload and schedule in order to ensure optimum cost-revenue levels.

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