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Outbound telemarketing can give your overall sales results a boost and can be done either in-house or outsourced to a telemarketing company. Placing outbound calls is particularly helpful when you need to test new products or services, acquire knowledge of new markets, create a sales pipeline for account managers, or increase response rates to various marketing materials. Use our quick form below to help you find the right telemarketing service provider to suit your needs. In no time, you'll receive up to 5 free quotes!

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When selecting an outbound telemarketing company, you might want to hire one that performs a variety of marketing activities in order to leverage their knowledge and skills. For example, they might be able to send out a direct mail piece announcing an upcoming event, then place outbound calls to encourage people to sign up and finally, perform follow up calls after the event to obtain feedback.

You should have a system in place to screen and record calls to perform random quality control checks throughout your outbound telemarketing campaign. Calls need to be filed and stored properly so that you can easily access them at any time. It's wise to closely monitor calls in the beginning of a test campaign so that you can catch any errors early on and make an assessment of the variety of call outcomes. Choose the same criteria when judging the quality of calls and keep your testing parameters such as call scripts or CRM systems equal. The outbound telemarketing company you employ during this test will work with you to establish realistic targets and deadlines. If the initial campaign is successful and you will continue outsourcing to them, you can probably negotiate a lower hourly rate per telemarketer or move towards a more performance-based fee structure.

New technologies such as a virtual call centers and automatic lead selection can allow outbound telemarketing companies to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. By filtering out certain calls and matching them up to specific sales agents, you can increase your chances of success. Calls can be assigned to certain agents based on their skill set, language capabilities, industry expertise, years of experience, anticipated sales results and so forth.

Outbound telemarketing services can be outsourced to companies offshore in countries like India, the Philippines, Costa Rica, Panama or the Dominican Republic. Rates are certainly cheaper in these countries, but be aware that a lower price might not save your bottom line in the long run if the company you hire does not follow strict compliance rules and regulations. Check their documentation, try to do an on-site visit if possible, and conduct surprise audits to ensure best practises are utilized. Extreme critics have claimed that working conditions in some overseas contact centres are sub-human because they restrict worker's privacy and offer low salaries. People working in outbound telemarketing should to be monitored in order to help them improve or enable them to assist others in strengthening their performance. Studies have shown that a positive work atmosphere will contribute towards better results, which is beneficial for the contact center as well as the client.

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