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greetings, from me to you wherever you are located..

i bring to you an idea that you may or may not be familiar with and/or will also boost your revenue...wherever you choose to do business.. i'll explain..

this idea is on the product of cellular phones..
now, what this will do is help businesses that are already established in return help you...

i was thinking of selling people cellular phone..service, heck, and the phone with it... in the long run (lol)!!! i'll explain....

lets say... for instance, i'm selling verizon/samsung phone service to the public right... i can put people on a cellular contract...lets say for about 1 year,to, this phone costs me about $20 (and some change)..

and i charge the masses on the cell phone "minutes" for as long as i have them on that year contract (to date).. on the math mr.. you will be amazed on how much you will make off of these phones...

i thought of a good price for this idea...
lets say...a $15(which will be bought at the dollar general store) card...can be priced at around $25 (or a little under this..

these phones can also range from pre-paid samsung/verizon all the way to androids (lol)!!!

prices should vary depending on the grade of the phone and how much the company paid for it!!

now, in a year's time, your company would have made over $60 (12months x $25)in a year's time (lol)!!!

heck!!! i would even charge people for insurance on this phone for as long as this phone is in their possession... i would go around $5 a month.. now, 12 months times $5 a month for insurance on this here phone would be about $60.. that's your extra dough on this (lol)!!!

coool, aint it?

now, you can also charge a little different on the $30 ones and so on and so forth...

** i almost forgot to mention... the customers can only buy the cellular minutes from you, the company, for as long as they are on contract, no matter how many minutes they buy (lol)!!!

the cool thing about this business is that 1. you are really helping out the department stores in communities like you would not believe just as long as you buy these phones and minutes from the stores (** i would go dollar general than wal-mart if you know what i mean)
2... you can make a whole new business account for you telemarketers (extra jobs)...

3.. the best thing about this all is... after a year's time, after the contract is "honored", as a token of good faith from your business i would just simply "give them the phone".. after all they paid for this thing 2 or 3 times over (lol)!!! and for your accounts... it can be a tax exemption, and expenditure as well (lol)!!!

Name: dwayne lavell dixon

Company: freelance finacial consultants inc.

Country: United States

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