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Telemarketing companies in Sweden

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Hello. I represent a company that is located at Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The company is seeking to communicate with telemarketing companies in Sweden. Although I have some specific questions, I would also like for you to send me an information package that describes your company and the services that you offer. Please also tell me what sets your telemarketing company apart from your competitors.

Since this will be a new telemarketing campaign, how long will it take you to set it up? Do you charge setup fees? Who will provide the scripts the telemarketers will use? This telemarketing campaign serves as an expansion of this company's services. How much time should we allow for a telemarketing campaign in Sweden? How many calls can your telemarketers make in one shift? How many calls can your telemarketing team make in one working day? What is your telemarketer to supervisor ratio? And does your company have its own technicians on staff, or do you rely on an external company to provide your technical services?

I will appreciate a timely response to my inquiry, as the company desires to begin this telemarketing campaign as soon as possible. Thank you.

Name: Laurette Beauchamp

Company: Erstuiche Ltd.

Country: Sweden

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