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Telemarketing companies in Denmark

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I would like to accept information from telemarketing companies in Denmark who are interested in working with us on our upcoming telemarketing campaign. Our company is located in Naples, Italy, and we seek the services of a local telemarketing company to handle this campaign. We think this localized approach will resolve any potential communication and cultural barriers that may exist. In addition, it is nearly always better when potential customers speak with someone they can relate.

If your company outsources any part of our campaign, will you guarantee you will only provide telemarketers who are located in Denmark? This is important. Who will write the scripts that will be used on our telemarketing campaign? How many calls per shift will your telemarketers be able to complete? What procedures do you have in place that will bring your systems back online in the event of a system failure? Do you have your own technicians available?

Please send your information to my email address that I have included here. Thank you for making this information available. Please also include a person of contact with this information as well.

Name: Fortunato Pensabene

Company: Wimcozia

Country: Denmark

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