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Thank you for allowing me to post my inquiry to your forum. I need to communicate with telemarketing companies in Switzerland. If this is the business you are involved, then please contact me directly through this forum and include information about your company and the telemarketing services you provide.

I would like to present a few simple questions for you to respond to as well. Who supplies the call data and the prospect lists? How many telemarketers will you assign to our telemarketing campaign? Are these full-time employees, or do you subcontract in order to meet the staffing requirements? How many calls will your telemarketing staff make during each shift? Is your telemarketing staff supervised, and if so what is the supervisor to caller ratio? If your system goes down, how can I be assured that it will be reinstated immediately? How many full-time technicians do you have working exclusively for you?

Please be certain to include your contact details within the email that you send. There are many aspects of our projected telemarketing campaign that we must discuss before we contract your company. Thank you for your prompt reply.

Name: Galiano Urenda

Company: Bartnola

Country: Switzerland

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