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I am seeking to evaluate a number of telemarketing companies in Finland. We are in the process of expanding. As part of this expansion, we are also seeking to provide better customer service in our established markets. With this telemarketing campaign, we seek to solicit and retain both new and existing customers in Finland.

Since we have many questions, for my first question I will ask if you will submit an information packet so that I may have a general understanding of your company and the telemarketing services you provide. However, I would also like to ask a few more specific questions as well.

How soon can you have our telemarketing campaign in full operation? Do you have a full-time staff of telemarketers who will make these calls? Can your company also provide inbound telemarketing calls? If so, can you answer these inbound calls quickly and without any busy signals? What guarantee can I get that the privacy of my information, prospect lists, and clients’ information will be protected? Are you prepared to give me that guarantee in writing?

Name: Nate Rhodes

Company: Medivice

Country: Finland

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