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Our company is currently evaluating telemarketing companies in the United Kingdom (UK). This is due to a market expansion that our company is currently experiencing and we seek to solicit more business from this expanding area. We are here to ask that if you represent a telemarketing company in the United Kingdom (UK), that you initiate contact with us through this forum as soon as possible.

Within your information package, please include your responses to the questions we have included here as well. What sets your telemarketing company apart from the rest of the firms? Do you charge a setup fee? If so, how much is that fee? Are there any circumstances that you would waive the setup fee? How do we get started in doing business with your company? Will it take you long to establish a telemarketing campaign? Do you provide access to call monitoring? If we select your company for our telemarketing campaign, do you require a long-term commitment?

These are just a few of our questions that we will need your responses. Please include your direct contact information so that we may contact you for further discussion. Thanks.

Name: Jiordano Raimondi

Company: Bonjoylia

Country: United Kingdom (UK)

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