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My employer is a small manufacturing company located just outside of Paris, France. We currently have many customers who are located in the United States, so we seek to evaluate telemarketing companies in the United States so we can further expand our customer base. Once our evaluation is complete, we will then work to form a working relationship with that company that is better suited to provide our telemarketing services in that country.

First, I must ask that any prospective telemarketing company in the United States, to please send us information about your company and its telemarketing services. Please also include your responses to our brief questions that are included here.

As we have previously worked with various telemarketing firms, what sets your telemarketing firm apart from the rest? How long will it take your company to begin a telemarketing campaign? Does your company write the scripts? Does your company complete all calls from within the United States? Or would you outsource any of our calls to an overseas call center? Please also include your telemarketing company's charges for setup and for your services as well.

Name: Bassett Faucheux

Company: Bonjoylia

Country: United States

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