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Customer Support Call centres in Malaysia

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Is anyone in a position to send me information about customer support call centres in Malaysia? My company is seeking to contract more call operators and we would prefer to outsource this function than to hire any additional call takers. We service many large and mid-sized companies throughout the world by providing their customer and technical support. We do this by keeping our costs low and by providing them with excellent service. If your company would like to contract with us then please send us your company's information.

Please include how many call operators you will have available for each work shift. Are your employees well-trained? Are they multilingual? How many different languages are your employees fluent? If a worker calls in sick, do you have sufficient available staff that can fill in? How do you base your charges?

If you are interested in partnering with us, then send us your information. Please also include a person of contact so that we may discuss this opportunity further. Thank you for responding to this inquiry.

Name: Tien Hient

Company: Unicall

Country: Malaysia

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