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Customer Support Call centres in Peru

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Hello and thank you for reviewing my inquiry. I am in the search to hire any of the customer support call centres in Peru who have the available resources to perform the task we require. My company has been hired to locate a call centre in Peru. The call centre we seek will have a minimum of 12 call operators who will be available to take our customer support calls during specified hours. Your employees are multi-lingual and are properly trained to communicate with those customers who have recently made a purchase of our client's clothing.

We would like for you to respond with information on the following questions. How does your call centre base its charges? Can you commit to our required number of available operators during each shift? What is your complaints process if we receive multiple complaints about any of your call takers? Please also include any information about your company that you think is relevant to our particular request. Please direct any responses to the included email address. Thank you for providing this information.

Name: Sheila Vasquez

Company: Call Now

Country: Peru

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