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My company is growing and it is due to this growth that we have had to search for a new office space here in Ankara, that can accommodate our future expansion requirements. Although this move may seem rather simple to complete, in that from one part of the city to another, we prefer to contract the services of professionals who have the experience in moving call centres in Turkey. If this is an important part of your business, then please email us your information about how you will complete this move.

Being a call centre means that we have many computer workstations that will require proper packing and padding before the move takes place. This should protect them from being damaged during the move. If your company provides a packing service, then please include that with the information you email us too. How soon can you begin working on this move? We want to have this move completed as soon as possible, so your prompt attention to this will be a great help to this.

We have many details to work out, so please include a contact for your company so that we may discuss this with them. Thanks.

Company: Call Now

Country: Turkey

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