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My company must make arrangements to relocate its current call centre to a larger location. Although this move will be from one side of Panama City, Panama, to the other, we have posted here to request information from companies who have the experience and the available resources in moving call centres in Panama who can complete this move in an efficient and cost effective manner. Does that describe your company?

We have 23 computer workstations that we want to have packed for this move in order to prevent any damage to them in transit. Is this a service your company offers? If you can only supply the packaging materials then please let us know about that as well. Please include your pricing for each of these services. Speaking of cost, can you include your current price schedule and about how much this move will cost to us? We also want to have this move completed within three weeks. Can your company meet this time to completion expectation?

Within your email, please also include your company's direct contact information as we would like to discuss this move in greater detail before scheduling it with your company. Thanks.

Company: Call time Ltd

Country: Panama

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