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Our company is preparing to move to a new office space that is on the other side of town. We anticipate this move to be completed quickly, so we appreciate your prompt reply. We seek the services of a company who is capable of relocating call centres in Indonesia.

We have many computer workstations to pack and move. Your packing expertise will be most welcome as we want our equipment to arrive at our new office undamaged and ready for our employees to return to work as soon as possible. Does your company promise our equipment will be undamaged during this move? Can you complete this move by our desired completion date? Do you also provide the padding for our equipment? We also have the furnishings to complete this large office space. This will include 5 additional offices and their furnishings and equipment as well as our break room.

Please provide us with an estimate as to the cost of our using your services. Also, please direct all correspondence to our provided email address as any submissions to other channels may cause delays in our receiving that information.

Company: Butio Calling

Country: Indonesia

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