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Thank you for reading my inquiry and emailing me your information. My company is planning to move to better office space within the next two months time. I have posted here to request information from companies who have experience in relocating call centres in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Luckily, we are simply relocating from one address in Sarajevo to another, but the move must still be well-planned.

Does your company assist in the packing process? If so, please include an estimated cost for this. Please also include an approximate cost for the move itself. Some of our office equipment that we need to pack for this move include 27 computers and their accompanying desks and chairs. We also have office furnishings for 4 separate offices. These will also require packing. Also, if your company does not provide packing services, to you at least offer the packing materials so that we may pack these items ourselves? Approximately how long would it take you to complete this move?

I have included my direct email address so that any information and contact from your company will go directly to me.

Company: United calling service

Country: Bosnia-Herzegovina

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