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We seek the services of a professional moving company who is experience in moving call centres in Slovakia. The move should be scheduled for the middle of next month and we would also like to discuss this in greater detail. Therefore, when you email us the info, please also include the contact details of your representative who handles these kinds of moves.

Our current office space consists of approximately 75 square metres, so it is rather large. We have the need to securely pack 27 computers and about 7 offices and their supporting furnishings. We estimate the packing and the move should take about one week to complete. Is our estimate in proximity with what your company would expect? If your company provides the packing services, how much could we expect to pay for that? What is your estimate as to the total cost of the move?

While we appreciate a proper estimate will require greater interaction between your company and mine, we will appreciate your providing your current rate sheet for our review. Please email that and a response to our inquiry to the email address provided. Thank you.

Company: Ysticall

Country: Slovakia

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