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Hello and thank you for reviewing my information request. My company has outgrown its current office space and must relocate. Although our new office space is in the same city, we must still acquire the services of a company who is capable of moving call centres in Mexico City, Mexico.

Our time to relocate is short, so we request the information to be sent from your company as quickly as possible. As we would like to complete this move without any interruption in service to our business, we would like to discuss this move with your company's representative directly either over the telephone or in person. Considering the scope and the expediency of this move, I'm sure you will understand this is necessary.

However, we would still appreciate your supplying the normal information to a prospective new customer. This info should include your current moving rates, your time estimate in moving our call center, whether your company is available to provide packing services or just the packing supplies. We have include our direct email address in order to expedite our receipt of this info and we do monitor it regularly. Thank you.

Company: Mexicall

Country: Mexico

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