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Hello there. We must relocate our company next month and request information from companies who are experienced with relocating call centres in Singapore. We have a rather large call centre that must be relocated due to our recent expansion efforts. Although our employees can assist with the move, we really desire the assistance of professionals as we have a lot of items to pack.

While we can work out the details when we discuss this further, we have more than 100 computer workstations that require proper packing and moving. Therefore, we require all of the services that you can provide. Does your company include packing materials such as padding and bubble wrap? Please include this in your information packet. Please also include your current pricing and time of delivery estimates as well.

Our email address is included with this inquiry and we look forward to reviewing the information you send. Please include your contact information. As we have already stated, we must discuss this move with you in order to ensure a smooth relocation and transition. Thank you.

Company: Unicall

Country: Singapore

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