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Greetings to you. I post this inquiry in anticipation of receiving a reply from a company who is experienced in relocating call centres in Israel. Although our company is experiencing growth, our reason for relocating our operations from its current location is primarily due to we have acquired office space that is better suited for our needs. This not only includes cost, but it is also nearer to a a better telecommunications infrastructure.

When you send your information, please include answers to our following questions. Does you company complete the move from the beginning to the end? Does your company provide packing services, or will it be better if we pack our equipment and furnishings ourselves? Does your company provide boxes, and other essential packaging materials or must we obtain these items from another source? What is your approximate cost to relocate our call centre from Tekoa to Tel Aviv?

We want to have this relocation completed within the month, so we would appreciate it if you can reply promptly to our inquiry. Thank you for your replies and we are looking forward to working with you.

Company: Huriti

Country: Israel

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