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Hi, we have need to relocate our call centre in Italy from Milan to Naples and want to find a reliable company that can help us in the most efficient means possible. We need to make this move within the next month.

We are not a very large call centre. We only have a total of 12 employees. What we need are padding and boxes to safely secure 15 computer workstations. Each of these workstations include computer terminals and their accompanying accessories. They also include desks. These are not cubicle types. They are actual desks, so they cannot be broken down into smaller components. We also have 4 large filing cabinets, and 3 regular office desks. We will also require adequate boxes to pack an assortment of office fixtures such as lamps, phones, fax machines, and the like.

Although our employees can help with the packing, we would like to have our more expensive equipment such as our computers to be packaged by professionals. So when you send me your information, could you please provide an estimated cost for the packing services as well as for the entire relocation. We appreciate your replies.

Company: Belize

Country: Italy

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