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Hello. I am interested in your offering of call centre USA. I require your services because my company, a medium sized internet provider company in Texas, USA, receives several calls everyday that my employees are having a problem answering most of them. I have a friend who recently acquired your services and he said that he is very satisfied with your company. I hope that I will get the same service as my friend.

What I require is a group of agents that would be answering all calls to our company and provide different services like problem reports, troubleshooting assistance, billing assistance, and general queries. Would your company be able to provide that?

Additionally, the call centre group must be available twenty four hours everyday because there are lots of clients who call during midnight and early morning as well.

I know that your services are not cheap but I know that it would be worth it because my friend assured me that you are the best. So, I have really high expectations from you. Email me your price rates immediately so we can begin out negotiations. Thank you very much.

Country: United States

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