Cargo shipping to Copenhagen
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Cargo shipping to Copenhagen

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I seek the input of a company who can provide information about cargo shipping to Copenhagen, Denmark. Our point of origin for this cargo is Trenton, New Jersey, in the United States. I also must confess in advance that shipping is not our forte, and we will require your company's expertise.

Regarding this shipment, due to the weight of the machine, we figure it will require a wooden crate. Do we have to build the crate ourselves? Or will your company build it? What will be your charge for this service? Does your company also include the packing materials that will be enclosed inside the crate? Will we be able to purchase those packing materials from you? Since you are preparing the machine for shipping, will you warrant your work that the machine will arrive at the destination undamaged? Will your company also take care of the customs documents?

I apologize for our naivety on the topic of shipping. We do appreciate your understanding and for your assistance in preparing this item for shipping. We look forward to reviewing your comments as well as your company's information.

Name: Julian Riordan

Company: Uniorte

Country: Denmark

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