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How difficult will it be for my company to retain the services of any of the telemarketing companies in India? We are in the planning stages of initiating a targeted telemarketing campaign that will require the use of local telemarketing employees in India.

We have worked with multiple telemarketing companies in the past, so we would like to know how your company will provide the level of service that we are expecting. How many telemarketers will you assign to our account? Are those telemarketers properly supervised? What is your telemarketer to supervisor ratio? Will your company write the telemarketing script? Or will you outsource that task to a different company?

We would like to begin a test campaign with your company so we can evaluate your service. Do you charge setup fees to begin any new campaigns? How much time should we allow for you to set up a telemarketing campaign? Also, does your company provide access to call monitoring? Thank you for sending us this information about your telemarketing company in India.

Name: Hank Thomas

Company: Oxyronia

Country: India

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