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Telemarketing companies in Spain

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My employer is preparing a new marketing campaign in an attempt to further expand our growing market. It is due to this that we are exploring our available options to learn which marketing method will be produce the best desired results. However, we will also like to connect with any of the telemarketing companies in Spain, as telemarketing has always been a very productive method for our company.

Since we have previously worked with telemarketing companies, please tell us what sets your company apart from the rest. What steps will your company take that will produce our desired results? How long does it take you to setup a telemarketing campaign? Is there a charge to setup a campaign?

Please also tell us who writes the scripts your telemarketing operators will use? How many telemarketing employees will you assign to our campaign? Are there any other services your company provides other than telemarketing? Thank you for responding to our inquiry. We will appreciate your sending this information to our email address we have included here.

Name: Prospero Gotelli

Company: Treleme

Country: Spain

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