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Hello. My company is located in Mexico City, Mexico, and we seek to establish a more solid customer base in Canada. In order for us to do this, we must reach out to more Canadians who may be interested in our products. Naturally, language and cultural norms place us at somewhat of a disadvantage. This is why I am seeking to communicate with telemarketing companies in Canada, who can provide us and our prospective customers the type of service that is needed.

If you have a general company portfolio that you email to prospective clients, please email that to the address we have provided to this forum. Please also include your response to the following questions. Why should we choose your telemarketing company? How do you base your fees? How many telemarketers will you assign to work on our telemarketing campaigns? Are your workers supervised? Do you require a long-term commitment? Would you outsource any aspect of our telemarketing campaign?

Thank you for making the information about your Canadian telemarketing company available to us. Please include your contact information so that we may contact you for additional information.

Name: Camerino Ballesteros

Company: Company Ballesteros

Country: Canada

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