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Telemarketing companies in New Zealand

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My company is searching for reliable, efficient, and cost effective telemarketing companies in New Zealand. Although we are evaluating many companies, we will select the telemarketing firm that we think will provide both us and our prospective customers the best service. While one of the included metrics included in our initial survey includes cost, this is not the primary factor that will influence our decision. So please submit your company's information that describes your services, pricing, and why your company will be our best fit for the telemarketing campaign.

Within the information package that you email us, please include your responses to the following questions. How long does it take your company to start a new telemarketing campaign? Who does the calling? Does your company write the scripts? Or do you outsource the script writing? Are there any other services that your company provides? How will you report the results of the telemarketing campaign? Do you have enough telemarketers to handle my call volume? Are your telemarketers adequately supervised?

These are just a few of our questions. So please include as much information as you have available. We will contact you within a short time to discuss this opportunity in greater detail.

Name: Ferdinanda Brotzman

Company: Company Brotzman

Country: New Zealand

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