Seeking Call centre services in Malta
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Seeking Call centre services in Malta

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I am representing an Australian financial institution and we are seeking the services of a call centre located in Malta to handle our customers' needs. All of our current customer care systems operate out of Australia but we are seeking to outsource these jobs to a different location. The cost of operating our current centre has increased significantly in the past 12 months so we are seeking a more cost-effective solution.

I am seeking a proposal and the general cost of work from an already established call centre operation capable of taking us on as a client. We would require approximately 13 call centre staff members working around the clock who are dedicated to handling our specific customers' inquiries as we receiving a moderate number of calls each day.

Call centre staff representatives should be knowledgeable in a variety of areas related to personal banking including asset management, estate planning, investments, merchant banking, trust formations and other general banking needs. Additional training in these areas and our bank's specific programs will be provided.

Name: Linda Barracco

Company: Heritage Alliance Bank

Country: Malta

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