Looking to Establish Call Centres in Macedonia
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Looking to Establish Call Centres in Macedonia

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We are looking to establish two call centres in Macedonia to accommodate the customer care needs of a variety of our clients located in the U.K. These two locations would act as important communication centres staffed with indivduals capable of accepting and managing all queries and incoming calls from customers.

Our client companies requiring customer service through these locations offer a range of services to their customers from insurance, travel bookings and product sales. Employees at each location will be trained to handle a specific company's incoming calls and will continue to work for that specific client.

Each call centre should staff approximately 25 to 30 personnel on a daily basis, 24 hours a day. Training on our company's simple software will be provided once a location is established. Employees at this location will also be responsible for completing customer orders and processing payments. Good English language skills are required of each call centre employee and as well as a proven employment history in customer service.

Name: Lukas Georges

Company: Excel Pro Customer Care

Country: Macedonia

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