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Customer Support Call centres in Pakistan

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Hello and thank you all for reviewing my request for information. I must locate a company in order to establish customer support call centres in Pakistan. The company I represent, seeks to outsource their current call centre operations and would prefer to contract a Pakistani firm for this purpose. If your company can provide superior customer support service and an economical cost, then please send your company's information to my email address right away.

Please tell me how your company bases the charges. Also, tell me how many customer support operators can you provide for each work shift. How well are your employees trained and how many of them are fluent in multiple languages? If any of your employees call in sick, do you have enough staff to cover their shift? Does your company have enough resources to enter into a long-term commitment? Is your local infrastructure stable so there will be minimal call disconnects due to phone or power outages?

Thank you for sending me this info, and I appreciate your prompt response to this.

Name: Rosemary Sabine

Company: Beelzsur

Country: Pakistan

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