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I am seeking the services of telemarketing call centres in Luxembourg that have the capacity to provide telemarketing services between the hours of 9 and 6 during the day. While there are many details for us to negotiate during this initial phase, there are some questions I would like for you to answer and send to my email address as soon as possible.

A few of the things I need to know up front are how many call operators can your company provide per shift? How does your company charge? Do you have enough people on staff if someone misses work? How well trained are your call operators? How aggressive are your sales operators? Do they have a solid record of success? If the workload should increase over the coming months, how will your company adjust? Are your callers multilingual? If so, what are the languages that are represented?

Please email your call centres information packet to my email address. I would like a chance to review it before we speak directly. Thank you for your prompt attention to this request.

Name: Sandra Von Warheim

Company: Call Now

Country: Luxembourg

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