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Customer Service Call centres in Jordan

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My company is seeking the services of customer service call centres in Jordan who can accept callers who are our local customers there in Jordan, and resolve any issues they may have with our product and to maintain a positive repertoire with them. If your company can achieve these goals as well as meet our anticipated economic goals, then we want to review information about your call centre operations.

Although we anticipate your company having a standardized information kit that you send out to prospective clients, we would like your responses to the following questions included as well. How do you base your charges? How many call operators do you have available during each work shift? How are your employees trained? Do you have an established problem caller policy? What are the hours that your call centre is available for taking calls?

You may send this information to my direct email address. This way we will both be assured that I will receive this info. Thank you for providing this information promptly.

Name: Putinte Salizon

Company: Unicall

Country: Jordan

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