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Customer Service Call centres in Guinea

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Hello, and thank you for reviewing my request for information about customer service call centres in Guinea. I an hopeful in locating at least one such company who can provide our customers with the support they need.

Our company is located in France, and we seek to retain the services of a company who is a little nearer to our regional customers both in language as well as in cultural understanding. We believe this will provide our customers with a much improved experience. If your company can provide a high degree of customer service, then please email me with your company's information. Please also include your pricing, how many phone attendants you would assign to our account, and how well your employees are trained to deal with any customers who may be upset.

Our direct email address is provided with this post, so any information you send will be received by me. We would like to retain your company's services at some point over the next two months. While this may seem like a long time, there are many plans to be made during that time. So if you will send this information as soon as possible, it will be appreciated.

Company: Rupet

Country: Guinea

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