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Shipping to Greece

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Hi. I have looking for various companies that offer shipping to Greece. So far, you will be the fourth company that I had contacted. I hope that you’ll be the one because the previous 3 companies were all talk and their prices were ridiculously high.

In the coming month, I will be moving to Athens, Greece from Christchurch, New Zealand with my family. We require our family belongings to be shipped in advance and should arrive in its destination at the same time as we do.

We would be shipping a lot of things because we would be moving in Greece permanently. We would want our televisions sets with stands, 3 beds of varying sizes, convection oven, heavy duty mixer, juicer, wall mounted cabinets, dining table with dining chairs, 3 couches, La-Z Boy, 4 bicycles, 1 motorcycle, treadmill, elliptical and 2 linen cabinets.

Please email me your shipping rates as soon as possible. I really hope that your company is the perfect one for me. It is really tiring and frustrating to find a trusted and reliable shipping company. Thank you and I will be waiting for your detailed list of prices.

Country: New Zealand

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