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Collection Call centres in Ireland

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Good day! My company process billing for a variety of companies both here in Ireland, as well as abroad. In order for us to continue to provide excellent services to our clients, we are always looking for new services to add as well as for ways to improve our existing services. Therefore, we want to add a new service, but we also understand we may have to contract this service out, at least for a while. Therefore, we seek the services of collection call centres in Ireland who can handle the collections aspect of our billing services.

While the details of the collection call centre services can be discussed in greater detail soon after our initial contact, there are a few items we would like to review that you can include in your information packet. These items include how much do you charge for this service? Do you charge by the quantity of accounts, or by the amount of money collected? Or perhaps do you charge a flat rate regardless? Can you make any guarantees of the number of accounts you will actually collect?

Please email your info to my direct email address. Thanks.

Company: Ireland billing services

Country: Ireland

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