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Local Call centres in Bulgaria

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We are a manufacturer in Sri Lanka. We want to expand our business in Eastern Europe. We are looking for call centres in Bulgaria to assist us in our efforts and partner with.

We would like to receive a comprehensive estimate for your services. Outbound calls to retailers in the Bulgarian market to sell our products in their shops. We would be interested in working out a compensations scheme based on revenue for long term collaboration.

We need to know how many retailers you can reach on a monthly basis. Do you do market research as well? How large a sample can you do? What is your percentage of successful closings? For future business we need an overview of the countries you can process.

On the customer servicing (inbound) side we want to know what type of service you could provide. Can your agents do administrative tasks also? On the technical side, how would it work? How do we establish a secure access to our systems? How will our customer information be protected? Please contact us as soon as possible with this information.


Company: Pashima International

Country: Bulgaria

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