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My company requires the services of a company who is capable of moving call centres in Philippines. Can you complete this move quickly? We must be out of our current office space by the end of next month. The building has been sold, which is what requires our immediate vacancy. At least we are only relocating to the other side of Manila. That should make the move a little easier anyway.

What we require is information on how you will complete this move within the specified time-frame. How much will you charge for this relocation? How long will it take you to complete the move? We have a large work area that has approximately 33 computer workstations. Each of the computers must be padded and packed to protect them from damage during transit. We also have several regular desks and their accompanying chairs.

In order to properly coordinate this move, we will need to speak with your company's representative, so please include their contact information within your email. Thank you for your prompt attention to this inquiry.

Company: Tricity calling

Country: Philippines

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