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My company must obtain the services of a company who is capable of relocating call centres in Lithuania. We are simply relocating from one side of the city of Kaunas to the other side, but we want to have this move preplanned so as to make it as efficient as possible. I'm sure that you understand as we do not desire there to be any disruption in our business.

We have many computer workstations, furnishings for the executive offices, and for our reception area. We must also have the many computers and other sensitive items padded well before they are relocated as well. Can you company package these items, or at the very least supply the packing material for us to pack them? Do you have an estimate as to how long it will take for you to complete this relocation?

We must be in our new office spaces by the end of next month, so please expedite your submission of our information request. I think we would also like to speak with a representative of your company as well, so please include your direct contact information. We appreciate your prompt attention.

Company: Tricall United

Country: Lithuania

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