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To know what BPO Call Centre is we first have to understand what BPO is. BPO refers to Business Process Outsourcing services, which in turns relates to the activity of hiring another company to manage business-related matters. At the very inception of Business Process Outsourcing, companies tended to outsource only services associated with payroll and such. Today, BPO Call Centre is only one of many processes, such as telemarketing, financial administration, human resources and many others. Outsourcing contracts can typically run for up to several years and may cost a hiring organization hundred of millions of dollars.

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BPO Call Centre Setbacks

When dealing with any outsourced services and especially those of call centres, you are bound to face some impediments you have not foreseen. Here are some of the more fundamental call centre culprits that can be responsible for the overall under-performance of the team:
  • Repetitiveness of the task
  • Military-like hierarchy and discipline
  • Dealing with problems and complaints throughout the day
  • Odd working hours
  • Low remuneration
  • Underappreciation by others in the organization
  • Physical confinement to the desk
  • Sense of of powerlessness
The above mentioned setbacks are especially evident in a BPO call centre, since the team is more alienated and everything is therefore perceived more acutely.

Improve your BPO Call Centre

In spite of seemingly unbridgeable obstacles, the remedy for your call centre can nevertheless turn out to be rather painless if you follow some of the below advices:
  • Be creative and try to devise more challenging environment for your call centre team. It could be a good idea to introduce a special bonus system.
  • Allow your agents to express their individuality, encouraging some initiative on their part as long as it brings positive results
  • Extend the training of your BPO call centre. Allow agents to assume greater responsibilities
  • Involve the team in critical decisions of the company and management of the call centre.
  • Encourage collaboration with other teams and departments
  • Ensure that your call agents understand and relate to the values of your company
  • Maintain good service level and make sure your call centre is accessible at all times, so that your agents are not bombarded by frustrated customers.
  • Try to maintain a good match between the call centre resources and workload demands
  • Make sure you provide a satisfactory remuneration for your agents' efforts that are also in line with market standards.

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